Interview: Carla Morrison is México’s new indie sweetheart

By Winston Rivas April 12, 2011 (For Austin Vida)

Somewhere between being the most buzz-worthy Mexican singer-songwriter and blowing up into a full superstar lies the Tecate native Carla Morrison. Morrison began her musical career with the Latin indie bandBabaluca in Phoenix, where Carla began to make a name for herself as lead singer. But after a successful  time with the group Morrison began to feel homesick for her northern México City. So she returned to Tecate, began to load songs on MySpace and quickly a buzz began to grow around her. I first stumbled across Carla Morrison though a breathtaking and sublime cover of Manu Chao’s  La Despidida. It only took one listen to understand that I had came across something hauntingly beautiful and someone with boundless talent.

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Interview Bostich and Fussible

Ramón Amezcua and Pepe Mogt, better known as the musical masterminds Bostich and Fussible of Tijuana’s Nortec Collective, began in the late ’90s by bringing together their love for European electronic music, American dance and disco music and, surprisingly, norteño sounds that surround their city. The impact of this fusion is far more than just creating a new genre. It brought a new vibe, culture and musical identity to Tijuana. As a result, the stereotypical Tijuana clichés are now being replaced by a new breed of graphic designers, visual artist and filmmakers that are all contributing to the modernization of Tijuana.

Just as Tijuana has modernized in recent years, so has Nortec’s sound. The duo’s latest release, Buelvar 2000, proves this. From an outsider’s perspective, it may be easy to say this is Bostitch and Fussible trying to blend new genres with the Nortec sound. However, Amezcua and Mogt were quick to let me know this is still norteño music they are fusing, not cumbia or anything else. At the end of the day “El norteño no se te quita.” I spoke with the duo while they were in town for ACL Fest and talked about the new album, new collaborations and getting a taco fix in Australia.

Photos by Chris Carrasquillo at ACL Fest 2010.

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