Download///Capullo “No Pases Más Por Mí”


Capullo once again returns with all the charm and cursiness we have come to expect. No pases mas por mi is the first single after their stellar 2012 album “Tesitgos del Fin Del Mundo”. Following the same suit, Capullo once again captures  the dance-floor and your sentiments with bubbly merengue rhythms and lyrics that broods with dubious adolescent feelings. While details  are unclear about the new album, our appetite will be held at bay with this perfectly precious effort from Mexico’s primer pop purveyors. Download the track below.

Download: Matilda Manzana “En Otras Dimensiones”


It was two years ago that Oscar Rodrgiuez put together a splendid collection of songs in his album “Conjuntos Cartograficos” it was in the  review of that album that I cemented both my personal affection towards his music but also the critical perspective that Oscar  who had seemingly swam under the cracks of mass-appeal from both Mexican Critics and Fans alike had finally delicately marked his place among the most interesting and worth-while projects in Mexico.

As the Album circle of Conjuntos Catrograficos has elapsed with a couple of Festival nods and slew of new fans to add to the clan of #Matilders, the buildup of the new album is starting to really get us excited. “En Otras Dimensiones” is the last effort from the new album set to release later this year. Continually expanding his sonic repertoire in “En Otras Dimensiones” pulling into new spaces as dreamy tropical structures build piece by piece to later awash into a climatic exhale of psychedelia in the final moments, effortless delicate in voice but ever-puncturing in delivery Rodriguez continues to churn out gem after gem. Check out the song below and awesome artwork by Ouchal

Concert Preview/// Los Rakas at Trees

IMG_3965 copiasmall

Los Rakas, the two cousins by name of Raka Dun and Rakas Rich have been creating a visceral portrait of the bay-area culture and the bringing a voice to the often marginalized Afro-Latino culture one dynamic rhyme at a time.Hip-hop with a tropical aesthetic mixing Heavy Bass, Dancehall and Panamanian plena. Los Rakas have been churning hit after hit from the heavy bangers like “Bien Ribetao” to the everlasting summer romance song “Abrazame”.

Very few been groups have been able to continually occupy different spaces, having enough lyrical prowess hold their own with the best in the hip-hop game while remaining unwaveringly Latin-Proud, proving the sacrifice of a true narrative of Latin Culture isn’t needed to reach a wide-audience. With the flow, charisma and swaggeo, Los Rakas are one of the best hip-hop groups to see live

Los Rakas make their Dallas debut this Saturday at Trees, with a stellar lineup that includes J Boog, Hot Rain and Bum Lucky. This should be one of the highlights of the year. Check out and download Los Rakas new freestyle, “Pound Cake” below

Listen: Erick Jaimez “Dallas Cumbiaholic”

DallasCumbiaholic 20202















It’s with great excitement and busted speakers that we present Dallas’ own Erick Jaimez, we don’t know much about the 22-year-old DJ/Producer except that he released a new EP “Dallas Cumbiaholic” via Americano Label which is  headed by Peligrosa’s own DJ Dus. While it only clocks in at just around 15 minutes there is much to take away from this guiro-rattling first effort from Jaimez.  First, it marks the first Nu-Cumbia DJ in the city to make a splash offering a more progressive narrative of digital world musical villages mixing and mashing cumbia, trap, house and hip-hop to form a EP that should be the new soundtrack of every house party from Oak Cliff to Pleasant Grove. Secondly it’s a precise EP that begins to unfold a bit of  Jaimez’ style, one in which the re-imagining of old cumbia favorites at feverish pace both retains the essence and rich cultural capital that Cumbia has always had in many barrios in this city while simultaneously extending an invitation to those looking to find a immediate and hypnotic introduction to the new global-pop which is Cumbia. Listen to the EP below and keep your ears on alert from more from this promising young local talent.


✞Dia De Los Muertos Mix✞

Photo Set: Julieta Venegas at House of Blues

“Venegas’ performances are a continuous transition in mood as she negotiates her long catalog with precision. A student of pop music, Julieta knows very well it’s not just about deciding which hits to play, but also when and where. This was best displayed in a stunning three-song trifecta of “Ilusion,” “Lento” and “Vuelve,” which served as the slow-down-please-pass-me-the-Kleenex moment of the night. The night was filled with many moments of emotional release and regathering.”-Winston Rivas our Editor’s review for the Dallas Observer. Check the rest of the review hereIMG_6477 and check the photos below.
IMG_6423IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6454 IMG_6455 IMG_6456 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6460 IMG_6462 IMG_6466 IMG_6467 IMG_6468

Listen///Ceci Bastida “This is my Home”


Ceci Bastida

While the news of the government shutdown been clogging news-airwaves and twitter feeds and once again put the Immigration reform on the backburner for the foreseeable future, there actually has been some positive news coming out of California as Undocumented citizens can now get their driver license. With that news and the October 5th marches that occurred all around the country, we felt sharing the Ceci Bastida song to be especially timely(although anytime is a good time to share a Ceci Bastida song). “This is my Home” is filled with much of the musical textures that marked “Veo La Marea” sharp drums with an almost militant posture lay base for Ceci Bastida’s un-relentlessly feisty vocals as the TJ/LA songstress  chants “This is my home i will never leave” , “Hecho en America”, a exciting preview as Ceci is set to release her follow to “Veo La Marea” later this year. Listen Below and try to fight back the tears


Download:Ave Negra “Enamorados”

The noisy, linear-riff driven garrrage-rock of the Costa-Rican duo Ave Negra were one of the many revelations of  2012, along with like-minded acts O Tortuga,Los Blenders and compatriots Las Robertas, a resurgence of lo-fi rawk in Latin America has taken over the continents’ blogs for a good two years now and has no signs of slowing down and with releases like this one i don’t think it will anytime soon. Ave Negra’s first follow up to “Sensaciones Juveniles” is change of pace while the last album focused on a thrashing “todo vale madre” approach, this  latest snippet “Enamorados” which is a precursor to their next album set for release later is a shift to a more hook-focused garage rock that serenades with vocal grit and lyrics filled with charming one-liners that you will probably later use on the girl in your English class.  Download this wonderful EP Below, it’s name your own price.

Listen: Clubz “Golpes Abajo”

Coco and Husky of the MTY bubble gum pop-rock group are set to produce an album with their new project Clubz name, which is thought to be released by mid-October. While this is a tentative date, for now we get to visit one of the finer Pop-Ballads to come our of Mexico this year. Marked with a plenty of new-wave sensations, Golpes Abajos leans in with nostalgia and mystery pushing effortless towards a singular mind-set shaped with lyrics that referential to the ever distant generation “Ya no quiero ser el amor, ya no quiero ser el amor”. Check it out below.

Concert Review///M.I.S + Los Master Plus at Trees


Photos by Mayda Arista

Los Master Plus“Cumbia,Twerk,(Repeat)”, the poignant summary of last Thursday night by our staff writer Yvette Aide. Thursday, had the recipe for something possibly ground-breaking and possibly a referential moment in the Dallas Latino-Alt music sphere. It was the first time in a long time that a pair of very note-worthy and Mipster-Apporved artists backed by a equally trendy brand Red Bull& Panamerika would come to the city to bring  the Wazzap Tour to Trees at very cheap rate (5$). Even with this recipe, if you have been around the DFW scene for the last couple of years, you know that many Latin-shows have been plagued with poor turnouts, for many reasons.. But for sake of time,let’s just say the Raza in the DFW can be very fickle..  So with this in mind there was a certain sense of precarious excitement on my part as to the turn-out for this mega cumbia fiesta.

Luckily, whatever doubts I had on the turn-out were quickly eradicated as strong turn-out of a 100 or so came to catch M.I.S and Los Master Plus; two of the Mexico’s most referential artists on the Nu-Cumbia Front.

Los Master Plus in many sense were more of the unknown anomaly of the two artists.Equipped with handlebar mustaches and fashion attire that blends Banda naconess with #Couture #Eswag transmitting a “Oh shit this is going to be fun vibe” from just looking at them. Wasting little time the Duo kick started their set with a Cumbia-Refix of Daft Punk’s  “One More Time”(Una Vez Mas) that quickly served to win over anyone else in the crowd that wasn’t enamored with group by just looking at them. Los Master Plus continued with sly winks to Mexican Mainstream-ness with covers of “No No No El Coco No El Coco No” because who the hell doesn’t secretly love that song? The Duo’s cumbia appropriation of Top-40 Jams are filled with enough Cleverness and Guapachoness to please even the most stuffiest of cumbia experts. Los Master Plus smooth Papi-Chulo stage presence coupled with incredibly catchy covers had the crowd completely enthralled from start to finish which culminated with the Duo Stage Diving.

In any other line-up Los Master Plus would have been the highlight  of the night but Camilo Lara and M.I.S had enough tricks up their sleeve for three sets. Leading in with  the Hitazo’s Cumbia, Es-Toy and Mexico, it was a frenetic start that never would slow down. Camilo showed to be the ultimate party master, coupled with his backing band of Bass and Drummer, Camilo utilized them to create unique riffs off his Cumbia laced song, this no more evident than during El Jefe which was shifted from a brassy number on the record to a Surf-Cumbia combination which propelled the already size-able Mosh-pit to full-on Slam. In between’s songs’ Camilo charmed with his very particular sense of humor, a 100% Chilango, often interacting with fans asking “Tu, la de gorra porque no bailabas?” which would spark the chants of “Culero” from the crowd. Camilo proved once again why he’s one of pilars of the Mexican-Electronic scene, creating a wild visceral Cumbia fiesta that perfectly encapsulated  the past and future of the genre.

Congrats Dallas Latinos, I honestly didn’t think there were enough hip Chilangos,Mipsters, Post Cholos and general cumbia lovers to take over a Thursday night in Deep Ellum. But we did it. For as long as this blog has been up I as it’s editor have struggled with the eternal question “Does Dallas Have Latin Alternative Music Scene?” this question by all means it’s not easy to answer after-all what constitutes a Scene? But at the very least Thursday served as a warm reminder that there are enough people who are looking for something alternative, a simpler approach to Latino Concerts-far removed with the Uptown stuffyness and V.I.P exclusivity of other Latino Parties in town. Perhaps a shift in the city is on the horizon,one where smaller,cheaper,alternative shows take the place  of shows that seemed to be stuck in the Yesteryear of Rock en Espanol. Whether this change will come sooner than later is yet to be seen but just looking at pictures from last Thursday, you can’t help to be a little optimistic.