Download: Santos///Shaka EP

If you haven’t jumped on the Ruidoson bandwagon you have been missing out on of Latin-Americas most exciting movement in recent years. Rest assured the three main acts that make up the movement  aren’t going anywhere soon. If you haven’t heard of Los Macuanos, Santos or that  oh-so-riveting -persona Maria y Jose(Playing Corona Capital next month) you have probably heard of the other mexi-electronic group from the same city(Hint: Nortec Collective). Forget trying to compare the two, there are in two completely different spaces both aesthetically and musically. All three of the artists in the Ruidoson category have a unique persona to them and that is portrayed both in the music and the visual-arts graphics that accompany them. Los Macuanos re-encounters sounds and visuals from the past and place them in a new modern post-mexicana compositions that are dreary and hypnotic blend of Cumbia and dark tinted synth lines. Maria Y Jose brings more a persona and  face to the movement bringing fragmented pieces of guarchoso,tribal and afro-rythums while the lyrics portray an equally fragmented personality. Sometimes funny as hell(see Tierra Sagrada), sometimes bordering self-destruction(see Granada).

Then there is  Santos who is in many ways is like the guy in the shadows. Less concerned with making the front page of your favorite Tropical Bass website and more concerned with giving a party soundtrack for this new Tijuana. Yet, with Santos latest release I have a feeling he will no longer be the guy in the shadows. Shaka is the name of the new ep from the Tijuana’s party master and he takes us  straight down to dark basement  where a massive fiesta is going down. The 10 track ep is filled with hypnotic-zombie inducing sounds.  Stand out track –La Quebradita has a eerie synth line and bumping percussion well capable of reviving the death. The chorus chants ” “Solo quiero bailar, disfrutar esta noche, contigo amor“. Cause even the monsters of the night need to dance some  Ruidoson. Shaka is Santos strongest effort to date just as mystifying dark and exciting as ever. Perhaps Santos is supposed to be the guy in shadows, perhaps the darkness is his true habitat and creating a mixes for the Zombies,Seedy creatures and whoever wants to lose themselves at 4am in the morning is his true calling card. If that’s the case, we will be up-all night

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