Nuevos Esquemas is a blog based in the heart of Dallas, with the goal of transferring contemporary Music/culture from Latin America, Spain and United States to the DFW area and Vice-Versa.Inspired by Contemporary Blogs such as Club Fonograma,Remezcla and GVB. NuevosEsquemas’s goal is to bring awareness to Independent/Alternative musicians, artists and whoever else is changing the landscape of Latin-American Culture at home and abroad. In almost every major metropolitan city in the United States(NYC, LA, Chicago) there is some  form of Latin-Alternative scene yet here in the DFW  there is none. How can a metropolitan area, with such a grand, eclectic and diverse population of Latin American people be chained to Mainstream Radio-Stations and upscale “latino” clubs? Well I personally felt DFW could use a different perspective of Latino Culture from a younger generation(nothing wrong with the older one).

I recently moved from Austin where i covered the Austin Latin-Alternative music for over 3 years for Austin Vida(Winston Rivas) and my now defucnt blog La Musica Del Caserio(which i transferred some posts to this blog). I’m currently a Mass Communications Major  at UTA. If you would like to contribute or send me an email feel free to do so!

Favorite bands Include, Porter,M.I.S, Javiera Mena, Alex Anwandter, Denver, Pulp, ATDI,St.Vincent

Contact: Nuevosesquemas@gmail.com

Personal Email: Winstona.rivas@gmail.com

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